Lance Info. Page

Full Name: James Lance Bass

Birthdate:  May 4, 1979

Place of Birth: Clinton, Mississippi

Eyes: Green

Hair:  Blond

Home: Orlando, Florida & Mississippi

Family: Parents: Jim and Diane
Bass; Sister: Stacy, 22

Star Sign: Taurus

Best Mates: Libra, Virgo, Cancer

Favorite Food:  French Toast and Mexican

Favorite Film Stars:  Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan

Favorite Colors:  Vivid Red and Vivid Blue

Favorite Music:  Brian McKnight &
Garth Brooks

Favorite TV Show:  Friends & I Love Lucy

Collector's Item:  Pictures, Old Comic Books, Stamps, Antique Knives & Guns

Childhood Toy:  "A Mickey Mouse that
he carried around until he was
five years old.  'Mik Mouse' he was called, he was lost for a day once
and Lance cried himself to sleep.
But we found him and Mik Mouse
is still around."

Favorite *NSYNC Song:  "God Must Have
Spent A Little More Time On You because the words and the melody
are incredible. I get chill
bumps whenever I listen to it."

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