JC's Personal Info

Full Name: Joshua Scott Chasez

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Home: OOrlando, Florida

Date of Birth: August 8,

Star sign: Leo

Best mates: Sagittarius, Libra,
Aries, Gemini

Birthplace: Washington, DC

Family: Mom, Karen; dad,Roy; sister, Heather,20; Brother, Tyler,17

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Films:  All the Star Wars and
Indiana Jones movies

Favorite TV Shows:  3rd Rock & The X-Files

Favorite Music:  Brian McKnight, Seal, Sting

Favorite 'Nsync Song: "It changes day to day"

Favorite Childhood Toy:  Lego, and
a Raggedy Andy that his grandmother
gave him

Collector's item: Hard Rock Cafe menus

Hobbies: Sleeping and Writing Music

Quotes: "We know there's a million
other groups out there doing this,we
want to be one of the few that are
around for a long time."

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